Another puppy was found

And again found a puppy on the street during the walk!

 This puppy was found while walking
This puppy was found while walking on a side street under a parking car.
Under the red pick-up was rescue puppy ‘Simba’ sitting.
Under the red pick-up was rescue puppy ‘Simba’ sitting. The photo was taken on a later walk, with both puppies being run by one of the adult dogs.

During the walk with the dogs together with the Rescue puppy ‘Ali’ we were attracted by a fearful barking at another, dumped puppy, which was sitting under the red vehicle in the picture to the right.
He followed us immediately and was subsequently admitted into the pack.

Two or more puppies are easier to maintain than a single ‘foundling child’, since they can usually stay together overnight without crying at an isolated place which is easy for cleaning. They also play together most of the time and are therefore really busy.
The Rescue puppy ‘Simba’ is a handsome, pied boy of the Pointer Cross breed (hunting dog) and was about 10 weeks old at the beginning of November 2016 and will be reaching about 15-20 kg (33-45 lb) weight (13 lb on November 17).

He has all the vaccinations, microchip for identification and a pet passport and can leave from January 2017 to a nice family to Britain or Western Europe.
At present, he is trained as a domestic dog, including ‘Purity’.

Simba’ and ‘Ali’ have now found their sleeping place
Simba’ and ‘Ali’ have now found their sleeping place for the night in the kitchen with easy-to-clean tiles, and they can go through a door space to the adjoining veranda and garden to do their ‘business’.

More pictures from the Rescue puppy ‘Simba’:


Adoption is carried out by Malia Strays. Inquiries can be made via this Facebook link:

Malia Strays

Otherwise, please contact me. I like to pass this on to ‘Malia Strays’ !

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