Rescue Dogs are Best Dogs!

What could be better than to give to a poor rescue dog a new home ?

Rescue dogs

For these two dogs the preferred mode of transport into the mountains or on beaches is a quad bike.

Particularly if the animal was treated badly in the past, suspended or abandoned because of his problematic behavior, special care and attention is needed against the animal protection dog.
Having taken a whole series of rescue dogs in Crete, I can say without any hesitation, that this was a genuine happiness for both – the dogs and for me. The joy that you feel when an abused, poor creature recovers again, is simply indescribable. I have to admit that it satisfies me deeply, to offer these animals a happy, reliable home that they didn’t have for such a long time.

The trend towards a rescue dog is steadily increasing. Through the Internet, transnational exchanging of information and images of poor dogs are possible, that are most barely escaped a certain death. Not only adult dogs, but also especially puppies pass through an international network of transfer to travel to the people who want to help these four-legged friends to forget the misery they have experienced – or better survived.
In particular, on Crete many puppies are simply abandoned or killed after a short time as many people do not feel able to provide them and there are just a few private animal shelters. The annual number of puppies is great, because only a small number of dogs are brought to castration or sterilization to the vet and the uncontrolled proliferation is therefore predictable. Many dogs have to life under unimaginable conditions, chained short where they must spend their entire, in this cases especially short dog life. Animal dog attitude, as it is understood in Western Europe, is on Crete unfortunately rarely encountered, when also lately some things have changed to the better way.

Dumped puppies

Dumped puppies on Crete.

Nevertheless, I will not deny at this point that rescue dogs often bring great problems. In my opinion, however, there are no problem dogs, but dogs or dog owners with problems. And that rescue dogs usually have more problems than others is probably obvious.
Usually it is not possible to bring a lot of information about the past experience of the animals. Often these scanty information is sad, but not meaningful. The new pet owner can indeed understand in what way the dog had found its way to him, but what is really important, he does not know what has really dug deep into the soul of his new protégé in the past. Physical injuries heal much faster than psychological wounds. And above all, you have no chance to recognize this from the outside.

The extent of psychological injuries seen only gradually, as well as the behaviors that your new protegé has acquired as a result. For many rescue dogs you have to expect that the imprinting on humans is not optimal expired, that it is scarcely come into contact with environmental influences that we feel here as commonplace. Substrates, smells, sounds, etc., which are taken for granted can cause great uncertainty with them. Many dogs had to hunt to survive. Many tortured dogs shows problematic behavior when they meet people who remind them of their tormentors. And hiking from hand to hand until it reaches you, was not good for the stability of his inner life, any way.

If such a dog didn’t find a person which is a safe person of authority – in the positive sense – that provides security, so the spiral of fear and compensation behavior continues downward, in which it is trapped. For dog owners, such a dog is a living appeal to his leadership qualities. If the rescue dog comes in a new home where it is being treated humanely, this is the opportunity for it to find out of this vicious circle, gradually confidence in the world that surrounds it and enter into a new life, which also the person wants for his dog since he has looked for the first time in its puppy eyes.

 Bicycle tour with dogs on Crete.

Bicycle tour with dogs on Crete.

Please questioning yourself before taking a rescue dog, if you are able to meet your new family member even in difficult situations humanely and not make mistakes from false sense of love for animals. Cuddle loving its head and talk to it doing well when the first sign of insecurity appears, will thereby confirmed its fears and the assumption that the world is an evil. This is the opposite of what a rescue dog needs. It will only helped if the dog finds someone who masterfully shows it how to behave in a situation that it can not handle properly. Leave it to the decision, it will be the same as before. The rescue dog has to take its life in its own four paws, despite of its shortcomings, which can lead to behaviors that might exceed your worst expectations.

Many dog owners will then abuts to their own limits and often the whole family is about to surrender. This would mean for the dog to walk back again from hand to hand – and even worse prospects for a family where it can find the place where it flourish and expand in a positive sense, and show from what it’s made.
Take this challenge and you are aware that these dogs in particularly need a reliable pack leader. Although you must expect that your dog will check you in every particular case, whether you like it too serious about him.

Quality of life for a rescue dog is not only to find a roof over its head, sufficient attention and every day a well-filled bowl, but also to find people who offers its behavioral needs of security that it urgently needs – to leave it mental shadow behind and go on all four paws in a fear-free life.

The rescue dog which you have saved its life will stay its whole life together and loyal to you!


  1. Here is alfie who we found in a shelter on Crete in may. We had not set out to rescue but having found 7 abandoned pups and their mum it was while taking them to shelter that our eyes met Alfie!
    Alfie has now been in the uk for just 4 weeks, he is best of mates with our other dogs , is going to puppy classes and living life !

  2. Hello, I wonder if you can help please us. We have arrived in Chania on holiday and found a stray puppy alone by the side of the road in the plains who has been at the same place due to a possible broken leg. It looks like he is a stray who has been hit by a car. He is very friendly and we fed and watered him. He is still in the same spot probably because he is unable to move any distance. We live in the UK and would like to adopt him to live with us in Leeds. We are experienced dog owners and have the means to give him a happy life. How can we make this happen and what would be the proceedure and costs involved?

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