Chelsea and the ‘Bomber of Elounda’

The incredible story of the little terrier Chelsea as a serial sheep killer and the ‘Bomber of Elounda’.

Chelsea and the 'Bomber of Elounda'
Chelsea and the ‘Bomber of Elounda’

There was once a local of Elounda, which was telling all people which visit him in his retail store or elsewhere meet, that the little white dog Chelsea would kill sheep.
This video contains the full story and how Chelsea is ‘killing’ sheep and cat:


But since most people were able just to shake about these stories with the head, our hero from anger became the ‘Bomber of Elounda’: in the middle of the high season on Saturday evening on the waterfront of Elounda he lit on the opposite street side of the hotel – the home of Chelsea – a large gas bottle which is used just for the operation of kitchens in restaurants.

Bomb in front of the hotel
Bomb in front of the hotel in Elounda.

Fortunately, the strongest blast of the explosion went mainly in the opposite direction and no one came at this moment in his car or walking past – but you thought inside the reception, that at this moment the whole pane of glass would fly in your back !

gas bottle explosion inside the kitchen of a restaurant
This is the effect of a previous gas bottle explosion inside the kitchen of a restaurant.

After much back and forth, the ‘Bomber of Elounda’ finally became a case for the judiciary !
Since it is not really wanted to work out with the argument that Chelsea is a merciless serial sheep killer, our hero tried it with the cats.

Again, this did not seem to work out really. To prevent further prey experiments, this series of pictures ‘Chelsea and the pigs’ has already been published online:

Bomber of Elounda
Bomber of Elounda

And how our story ends ?

Now our hero could nothing more occurred than that our dear Chelsea has killed a chicken …

The ‘Bomber of Elounda’ wants so happy to become the first Cretans ‘bars’ walker, because of a bomb assassination attempt due to the alleged revenge for a chicken ?

And the small, white Terrier Chelsea is now the most famous dog in Crete, probably in the whole of Greece.

Cheers !

(The story is true, albeit incredible).

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