My Rescue Dogs

My Rescue Dogs on Crete.

Malia Strays Puppies

Four puppies from Malia Strays were fostered by me. They stay here or almost 3 months on the veranda and in the garden. The last two of them could also be found in the house later during the day. All Malia Stray Puppies have found a great home!

Canella saved from poisoning

Warning for poisoners on Crete:

Warning for poisoners on Crete: ‘Before you throw around poison find out what is going to happen to you …
Prison sentence up to 5 years; Fines up to €15.000; Law 4039/12′

The three year-old dog ‘Canella’ survived – unlike two other dogs of her group – a poisoning attempt in Aghios Nikolaos by local fools (in the meantime one to five years imprisonment and 15,000 Euros fine for such offenders).
She was then in my garden and on the porch in safety until she had quickly found a permanent new home also here on Crete.

Official Journal of the Greek Government LAW No. 4039 (Full PDF document)

Pups exposed in garage

Once again, two puppies were exposed next to my house (probably from a local shepherd), this time in the garage. There were at this time too many puppies for adoption for abroad, so for ‘Brownie’ and ‘Blackie’ a new home in Crete must be found, which worked out after some time.

Rescue dog Shadow: hit by a car and left

Rescue dog Shadow was lying on a road in the mountains with deep wounds after being hit by a car. Fortunately for her, she was found by us and picked up from the road, maintained and treated by veterinarians. Now she is a highly rewarding and beautiful dog.

Rescue dog Duda: starved and exposed

These abandoned and completely emaciated dog was actually recorded only to take care until she would have found a new home. Therefore, she only became the nickname Du-Da. However, she is so loving, affectionate and playful that I did not get around it to adopt her eventually.

Rescue dog Kasperi: short chained in dugout without enough exercise

The extraordinary friendly dog Kasperi had almost spent his entire life on a half yard long chain alone in the mountains close to Elounda – which is actually prohibited by the Greek Animal Welfare Act. He was lucky that I was able to save him and now he lives in Germany and his ex-holders had to ‘enjoy the visit’ of the Swedish curtains of Greece from the inside.

llegal ‘living’ conditions for dogs

Despite a ban by the Greek Animal Protection Act, Kasperi was kept illegal his past life on a short chain in his ‘cave’ near Elounda.
Please click on the corner bottom left of the black area to start the streaming and playback process of the video (1 min 42 sec) !

Rescue dogs: abandoned puppies

The ‘Bandits’ are three puppies who were exposed at Aghios Nikolaos and were taken into care until all of them had found a beautiful home. Each one of them is now with a new family in Eindhoven (Holland), Paris and London.

Rescue dog Goggle: left behind by his owner

Goggle has been abandoned by his owner and limped as he was probably hit by a vehicle. He had a long time career on the road in Elounda and survived. He was my first rescue dog on Crete here, which had later the opportunity to travel to Holland. Unfortunately, in the meantime he died there from cancer.

Adoption of rescue dogs from Crete

Adoption of rescue dogs

All the time dogs from Crete are looking for a save, lovely new home in Britain or other Western European countries !
Links to Facebook pages for adoption of needy Rescue dogs from Crete:

Animal lovers on Crete, Greece (British)
Animal lovers on Crete

Ag.Nikolaos crete -Rescue (British)
Ag.Nikolaos crete -Rescue

Crete-Dogs Rescue (English/German)
Crete-Dogs Rescue

APAL – Animal Protection and Life Line Finikas (German)
APAL – Animal Protection and Life Line Finikas

Paws Paleohora (Austrian)
Paws Paleohora

Tierschutzverein Ierapetra (German)
Tierschutzverein Ierapetra

Herzpfoetchen in Not (German)
Herzpfoetchen in Not

Takis Shelter, Ierapetra (Greek/English)
Takis Shelter

Malia Strays (Dutch/English)
Malia Strays

Greek Animal Protection Act

Official Journal of the Greek Government LAW No. 4039 (Full PDF document)

Poison bait and poisoned animals

What to do with poisoned bait or poisoned animals ?

Notification to the forestry and hunting administration. There are two specially trained staff with two German shepherds who were trained to spot poisoned animals and animal which had died.

The teams are divided into two regions and the telephone numbers of the gamekeepers are:

Gamekeeper Mr. Spyros Nistikaki and Dyck for eastern Crete (Heraklion and Lasithi). Contact number for reporting cases of poisoning: 6948 512 177.

Gamekeeper Mr. John Grigorakis and Karina, for Western Crete (Chania and Rethymno). Contact number for reporting cases of poisoning: 6948 512 153.

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