Animal Welfare Report Crete 2016-2017

Animal welfare on Crete.

Animal Welfare Report Crete 2016-2017

Warning for poisoner

The animal abuse, passive or active heavy criminal offense … Learn what awaits you … 1-5 years imprisonment and a fine up to € 15,000; Law 4039/12

The Animal Welfare Report 2016-2017 lists all cases of atrocities and cruelty to animals, as well as any positive examples, which are determined by daily searches in the relevant Facebook groups. The cases are from the island of Crete, only under exceptional circumstances will be discussed other parts of Greece.
For this reason, the list may not be complete. But Complementary messages are always welcome by the the following contact form, comments tool at the bottom of the page or at the best via Animal Welfare Report Crete on Facebook.

The aim of the report is to create a ‘Red List’ of the areas on the island with most such events in order to give tourists a starting point for selecting their stays. Because unfortunately, it is often the case that mainly inactive or ignoring authorities and police are reluctant to provide or to pursue such offenders of the Greek Animal Welfare Act. The respective local governments are therefore often just as culpable involved in the events, as the perpetrators.
This list will hopefully motivate local authorities or/and police to compliance with the Greek Animal Welfare Act. As well, it will work as deterrence to offenders, which could be detected by law or authorities.

Current state (04/23/2017) of reported or publicized crimes against animals starting from 1 July 2016 in Crete (without separately reported poisoning cases to gamekeeper; see below)

Animal Welfrare Reports
Region Residents Negative (serious)[extremly] Positive
Heraklion 305,000 63+(3)+[1] 12
Chania 156,000 234+(9)+[2] 15
Rethymno 85,000 26+(2) 7
Aghios Nikolaos (Lasithi 75,000) 55+(5) 9
Ierapetra (Lasithi 75,000) 99+(7) 1
Sitia (Lasithi 75,000) 5 8

As visitors to the beautiful Crete so you should pay attention, if possible, out in areas for holidays where law and order and the rights of animals on the island are respected.

The report was launched in July 2016 after the author himself gave a poisoning escaped street dog’s protection and care and attention was drawn by the daily reports on Facebook of widespread animal cruelty, abuse and initiatives of the Animal Welfare Act in Crete.

The following chronological Animal Welfare Facebook reports were also translated into English by automated tools, where necessary. Due to the constant, new inputs, unfortunately there is not enough time, for a perfect translation. Thanks for your understanding !

‘The magnificence and the progress in moral of a nation can be judged by how they treat their animals.’

All cases will be listed without personalities, but please with location (if possible with Google Maps Earth coordinates) and time and, if possible, please submit a photograph.

Inform the Greek Ministry of Tourism for all the animals that you see and being tortured!

Tourists-people of this country and those who visit Greece from abroad daily identify abused animals even to the most popular destinations of our country.
The Ministry of Tourism officially claims that not receives emails with such complaints. Instead we and have received from the local animal welfare associations and have published dozens of letters from tourists who resentful looking to find a solution for animals that find in disrepair.

If you find an animal is abused send a complaint message and e-mail to the Tourism Ministry:
or contact the G.T.O page on Facebook here:
or twitter @VisitGreecegr

To file charges at the police in case of violations against the Greek animal protection law is not the usual ‘ad fee’ due!
Source (in Greek language)

Report poisoned bait or poisoned animals:
Notification to the forestry and hunting administration. There are two specially trained staff with two German shepherds who were trained to spot poisoned animals and animal which had died.
The teams are divided into two regions and the telephone numbers of the gamekeepers are:
Gamekeeper Mr. Spyros Nistikaki and Dyck for eastern Crete (Heraklion and Lasithi). Contact number for reporting cases of poisoning: 6948 512 177.
Gamekeeper Mr. John Grigorakis and Karina, for Western Crete (Chania and Rethymno). Contact number for reporting cases of poisoning: 6948 512 153.

Crime Map Poison on Crete

You like poison around you ?
Then visit Rethymno, Chrisi Island (in front of Ierapetra), the area around Ano Viannos (between Ierapetra and Mires) oder Aghios Nikolaos !

Recent reports of Animal Welfare Report Crete on Facebook:

Complete Animal Welfare Report Crete on

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